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The holiday rush is over, and now is the time to evaluate and start planning for next season. Brainstorm ways to increase traffic numbers, as well as the average ticket or sale. Holiday shoppers make impulse buys and spend more money based on emotional cues. Was your business ready to capture those holiday-minded shoppers?

Is it time to re-vamp your business web-site? It should be simple to navigate, with all active links, and full of images to engage your audience. Do you have a presence on social media? It is the number one tool for small businesses to get their name in front of their customers for FREE. Barbara Corcoran, of TV's "Shark Tank", says that "Little Companies Always Move Faster." The big guy may have the corner on money but the little guy usually has the corner on creativity. 

If you blog, tweet, and/or fill your Facebook newsfeed with humor and valuable information, your online presence will grow exponentially and positively impact your bottom line. A few minutes spent on social media will put your business in front of potential customers 24 hours a day. 

The time investment you make in the beginning of the year will help pave the way to a strong holiday season, which is only 8-10 months away!

Kristin Hernandez
HBA President
Owner, Mid-Atlantic Center for the Performing Arts

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